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The Benefits of Free Marriage Counseling

Written by: Steve Knight

Divorce Continues to Rise Every Year
Unfortunately, studies and surveys indicate that divorce continues to be on the rise each and every year. Although one parent or broken families are certainly not anything new, couples are still encouraged to find ways of salvaging their relationships at any cost rather than considering the ultimate and final solution of divorce.

Free Marriage Counseling is Available from a Variety of Sources
With free marriage counseling readily available from a variety of sources, anyone considering couples therapy or some form of counsel can take advantage of the chance to save their marriage. However, it's important for both parties to make the commitment to being receptive to therapy, and to make a conscious effort to improve their marriage.

Many Couples Wonder Why They Waited So Long to Seek Help When They Discover the Benefits
Unfortunately, it's usually one spouse who feels more strongly about therapy rather than it being a mutual decision, at least initially. Although with free marriage counseling, there's really nothing to lose, and many couples wonder why they waited so long to seek help once they realize the benefits of a professional's unbiased opinion.

Free Marriage Counseling Available Over the Internet
Some types of free marriage counseling that are based over the internet offer personal sessions via email, informative newsletters, and forums for posting helpful thoughts and ideas for others. For some people, this method of therapy is far more effective than face-to-face sessions as some are unable to truly communicate their real feelings in front of both the therapist and their spouse.

Marriage Counseling Can Utilize a Variety of Mediums
Many states or local municipalities across the country also offer free marriage counseling, as well as low-cost services to those without insurance or other means of obtaining counsel. Free marriage counseling may utilize a variety of mediums including conferences, seminars, and workshops in addition to individual couple's therapy.

Sources of Free Marriage Counseling
Doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, community centers, religious organizations, even your local phone book may all have helpful resources about where to find free marriage counseling in your particular area. Many churches and congregations regularly have counseling sessions or workshops for couples interested in improving their marriage and learning the skills needed to build a lasting relationship.

An important fact of about marriage counseling is that the therapist, doctor, counselor, or whoever may be leading the sessions, are merely there to offer their insightful knowledge, unbiased opinions, guidance, and support.

There is No Magic Pill to Save Your Marriage
So many couples mistakenly believe that a therapist will give some quick advice and they'll be on their way, with their marriage better than ever. Remember that in most cases, the issues that are causing strife within the marriage often take years to cultivate before blossoming into the seemingly insurmountable problems that lead a couple to seek the guidance of a therapist.

There is no magic bullet or miracle cure for a failing marriage. It's the couple themselves who must do the work, improve their communication skills, make compromises, and learn how to be trusting and forgiving. There's also no set standard of time or average number of counseling sessions to count on, as every couple is different, with varying needs, issues, and circumstances to take into consideration.

Some of the topics that free marriage counseling may touch upon include:

- Trust issues, trust building exercises
- Infidelity
- Emotional abuse
- Addictive or destructive behaviors
- Past separations
- Child rearing issues
- Step-parenting and second marriages
- Learning effective communication skills


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